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The Modern Argumentative Methods Used for Essays

Arguments take central stage in academic writing. Most writing prompts are intended to test and train your argumentative and reasoning. Argumentative writing is present across various disciplines, including the most prominent disciplines.

With an argument, the essay writer tries to persuade the reader upon an idea, a theory, or a stance. To be successful you will have to make sure that the arguments are logically sound and easy to understand. 

  • Psychology
  • Art History
  • Social Anthropology
  • Cultural Studies
  • Life Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Performance studies
  • Religious studies
  • Economics
  • Law, Politics, and Government
  • Social Studies

Though you can organize your arguments logically in many, you should know how to write my essay for me and also three main types of argumentative organizing models:

  1. Toulmin Method
  2. Rogerian Method
  3. Classical Method

It is always useful to consult with the instructor about which method to use while writing your essay.



Toulmin Method

Toulmin Method presents the claim at the start and the writing progresses on to support it with evidence, examples, and logical arguments.


This part will state your argument or your claim that is connected to your thesis statement.


Here you will present the reader with the evidence that backs your arguments. This claim being your own will motivate you to produce good academic writing, while diagramming the primary theme of write my essay


The warrant is an explanation of how the evidence supports the main thesis. 


This is any additional evidence that you might find helpful in strengthening your main claim. Information that doesn’t add anything to the argument should be discarded.


You will discuss the potential counters to your argument. You should take on each strong counter, instead of ignoring it. Your counterclaims will showcase your research into the subject.


The rebuttal is when you show with evidence why the counter to your argument falls short. You can also do this by making changes in your main thesis. 

Rogerian Method

This method of argument showcases the writer’s ability to process and analyze various opinions and claims upon the topic. It touches upon various perspectives and works to find a common ground for the argument. Its main strength is its quality of being empathetic by being open to counter-arguments and reaching common ground with reason and logic.


You will introduce the issue to the audience foremost while making sure that it is free of the bias. Here you will demonstrate your reasoning to tell the reader why it should support it and how it does. The means that ought to be followed for free essay writer are mentioned beneath.


In this part, you will introduce to the reader the claims that are in opposition to your view. Here you will not reason against them but simply communicate them fully to the audience. 


Here you will evaluate the counterclaims and show the reader why they can’t be disregarded as a whole, and why they make sense in certain cases and situations. You acknowledge the counters while presenting your argument.

Stating Your Position

After delving into the counter opinions you finally dive into the details of your argument.

Stating the Context

You should come up with examples and situations where your argument comes at the top, compared to other claims. You will further demonstrate the validity by picking out situations and running your claim alongside others. 

Stating the Benefits

While not dismissing the counters to your arguments you will explain, how and why your position will benefit them and strengthen theirs in various situations. You will demonstrate your understanding of the complex issue, without dismissing and in fact working with the opposing arguments. 

Final Word

Each of the two methods is suitable to tackle their own type of issues and arguments. The custom college essay should be guided with sound logic and strong evidence. When tackling a complex issue it is better to use the Rogerian Method, while when tackling an issue where you want to give a final and incisive argument without any competing claim then you should use the Toulmin Method. 

There are many other methods that are available for the writer--methods such as the classical Aristotelian one. With practice and research, you will instinctually know which methodology to use when arguing upon an issue. 

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