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3 Ways to Enhance your Narrative Essay

Out of all types of essays, the narrative essay with its creative prowess is by far the most dynamic one. It instructs us, entertains us, moves us, and teaches us, all in one breathe - it's versatile.

Great essayists over the years have produced narrative essays to talk about times of joy, struggle, and freedom, and have inspired generations in doing so.

An essay writer should never let his or her essay fall short when it comes to narrative essays. Like a good short story, the narrative should entertain the reader while communicating various messages through the narration. 

Unlike the formal analytical essays, the narrative style incorporates in itself every creative writing tool: the plot, dialogue, themes, and more. 

To become better at narrative essays is a question of the right practice and the right habits. For now here are the 5 essential skills that you should develop to write better narrative essays:

Read to Write

In order to compose your narrative essay like creative writing prose, you need to emulate the fiction narration that you love to read. When you read short stories and fiction novels you are absorbing the creative writing tools. You get better at understanding the plots and their trajectories, the writing style, the dialogues, and the word choice. 

If you want to put the creative back into the essay writing, you will try to create your essay using the same tools as the short story. Next time you pick up a story to read, open your writer's eye and notice how the action and pace are set in the writing, and how the dialogues are placed to make the read effortless. 

Soon you will read from a writer's perspective and storytelling will come easy to you when writing your narrative essay. 

Include your own experience

A narration weaved out of your imagination or one made up of several pieces can make your narration a good one but not a great one. When tackling the essay topic it's important to realize that without including personal experience in your story, it will not come to life.

You can talk about an experience from the past, good or bad in the essay. As the  essaywriter , it is your job to appeal to the reader's emotions, and there is no better way to do it than wording out a genuine experience.

Learn to write in dialogues

Dialogues bring life and color to the narrative while simple narration bores the reader. Take for example the following:

Simple Narration

... Ron rushed passed the living and towards the door. He opened the door just as the postman was reaching for the doorbell. The postman startled for a moment seeing the little kid who stood before him trying to catch his breath. Ron smiling his bright smile assured the postman that he will deliver the parcel to his parents. He ruffled Ron's bronze hair and walked towards his bike trusting the kid with the parcel.


Ron slipping past the living, bolted towards the door to open it.

“Hey, young man,” the startled postman let out retreating his hand away from the doorbell, ”almost made me drop this parcel.” 

“Sorry…” the boy of six caught his breath to continue, “Sorry, Mister Postman Sir, didn’t know you were outside.”

“So many honorifics!” the postman tipped his hat as a gesture.

“I can take the parcel from you, Mister,“ Ron said squinting under the summer sun.

“Oh, but an elder should-”

Ron interrupting him said: “They are all in the backyard, I will sprint it right to them.

“I love to carry parcels, Mister. Last week I was with my Mum and Dad at the mall and they let me-”

Now the postman interrupted the boy before being held back by a mall story. “You know what, you are old enough to carry it,” he said glancing at the pending letters and parcels sitting on his bike.

"Will do sir," Ron beamed at him while the Postman patted the boy's bronze head and off he went.

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