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Creating your Essay Outline

Creating an essay outline is an important part of the essay writing process. WIthout creating an outline, an essay that is complex, long, and dense will fail to hold its contents together.

A professional essay writer will spend much time in developing an outline, to make sure that the ideas, arguments, and the points come across clear and logical. To create one, you need to brainstorm and research on the topic at hand. Making mindmaps, listing, and searching for new arguments is a good way to prepare for an outline creation. You will need to put down the evidence, examples, and information that you have collected from various sources and are planning yo use in the essay.

A good outline will then be the optimum arrangement of the various ideas and arguments in the essay.



Initializing the Ideas

After researching and reading into the topic at hand you should have found a deep understanding of the subject. Regarding different ideas, the prevalent arguments, the evidence, and examples that interested you, as well as the statistics and the figures. If you feel that you haven’t had a full grasp on the topic or don’t yet feel comfortable discussing it then contact essay writing service, its best for you to research more and read into the subject through various angles. 

The initial idea that forms in your mind with your unique argument and the end in mind will guide you to rearrange the raw data that you have noted down and collected. Each will be grouped into a class and each class will take a sequence in your logical flow.

It is also important to start forming your thesis aim or idea. we will suggest you write my essay. You should be able to form a rough idea of what you want to accomplish by writing upon the topic. Figuring this out beforehand will prove much help in the outlining process.


Each information of college essay belongs to a category. The basic information about the subject belongs to the introduction, an instance or an except belong to the examples, the arguments and ideas belong to a bigger idea or an argument, and so on. 

But to create an outline we will not decide upon the categories first but focus on the individual pieces first  Each individual information or idea will be put into a category of your own choice. Whether it’s a temporal, spatial, causal, or idea-oriented category, every information will be allocated to various categories.

You will end up with some strays that seem to belong to no category. No matter how important they seem in wording or context, it is better to omit them.

Small categories will turn into larger ones until you are left with a couple of them that can be accommodated accordingly in the body paragraphs.

Articulating into words

With the categories identified from the specific to the general, its time to put your ideas onto the paper. It’s up to you to employee either deductive or inductive reasoning. 

Once the reasoning technique is chosen you should start wording your ideas covering each of the categories, much like a bottom-up or a top-down approach in a branching flow chart diagram.

Make sure you make proper use of rhetoric and include counterarguments into your essay. You should finish your first draft before putting time into styling your essay. Only when the structure of the essay will be refined, will you dwell on sentence-level correction for grammar, punctuation, word choice, and voice  

An outline helps the online essay writer to write with the end in mind; the outline doesn’t let him or her transgress from the topic at hand. If the outline is created well crafted the essay will be structurally integral and logically sound.

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